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Austin Hart have been producing high quality butcher block islands for commercial butchers and residential clients for over 8 years. Each table can be customised to suit your exact requirements such as choice of wooden worktop timber (oak, maple or beech butcher blocks), colour and dimensions.

Each butcher block table is constructed using traditional methods with mortice and tenon joints. Each product is carefully checked before being dispatched.

What is a butcher block table?

A butcher block worktop is typically constructed using end grain of a hardwood species such as Oak, Maple or Beech. Our personal preference is oak due to its gorgeous undulating grain and contrasting growth rings.

Worktops are usually between 80 and 100mm thickness and can be produced using square or rectangular timber profiles to give a checkerboard effect from the top

If you are currently researching other kitchen island options it is worth considering an end grain table as it will provide not only a centre piece to the kitchen but also a practical, versatile piece of furniture.

When food prep is needed pulling out the chopping board someties just wont do. You know how it is you cut all your vegetables and other foods up to find you have already run out of space. That is why a kitchen island with a butcher block top is the perfect solution. Whether you are looking for a small portable cart or a freestanding table Austin Hart can manufacture the product to your exact requirements.

We are a small family owned business that has been producing kitchen furniture for 8 years and we have the ability to design products in house before you buy. Just give a call or send us an email and we will happily discuss the options with you. In the meantime feel free to browse our designs above to give you an idea of price and quality.

Key points

  • We only use the highest quality kiln diried timber
  • All worktops made using food safe glue and mineral oils
  • A personalised plaque can be engraved and positioned wherever you want on each table
  • Each table can include drawer units, wicker baskets or extended tops to provide breakfast bar seating areas.
  • We are able to paint / colour match any farrow ball colour to suit your kitchen decor.