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Wood polish and finishes available

Corona Virus

Hello to all - we hope we find you well. We are continuing to work on a rotating 3 man workforce. As we are a small family business we want to assure you that we are taking precautions and doing our best to fulfill orders. We continue to work on and will process orders as quick as possible.

If you require samples please use the comments section at checkout to request sample before we manufacture your products.


Beeswax is the most popular choice of finish. As a clear wax the beeswax finish retains the original colouring of the timber but enhances the grain and natural features of the wood.

Danish Oil

Danish Oil is a beautiful finish and provides a slight shine to the timber. Danish Oil very slightly darkens the Oak Shelf and is a great alternative to beeswax.

Medium Oak

Medium Oak Finish is slightly olive in colour and softens the grain. When a very soft finish is required or if you have a slightly more traditional style home then this is a nice option.

Dark Oak - Jacobean

Jacobean is the darkest finish we offer and enhances the grain considerably. It is an exceptional look in darker homes with more rustic furniture and where darker surfaces are suitable.